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Making Money Helping People Save Money on Water & Fuel Costs

Based on millions of dollars of R&D worldwide, Wine Zapper Green Energy Technology is the latest in advanced designs of the Monopolar power breakthrough that created the first easy-to-apply, magnetic fuel and water conditioners that were guaranteed to substantially reduce the cost of living and business while providing greater agricultural yields and a healthier environment.

Wine Zapper Technology saves substantial fuel costs and completely eliminates the cost and maintenance of water softening forever – all while reducing air and water pollution. Plants watered with energized water have a 100-300% increase in yield and all systems are guaranteed and come with a Lifetime Power Warranty. Everyone needs an Wine Zapper system for their home or business.

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Fuel Super Savers: Although 20% Residential fuel savings is guaranteed in the home, many people report much higher savings. Commercial fuel savings ranges from 12-20% and since the Technology lasts forever, the system continues to produce substantial savings year after year – a wonderful and unusual benefit.


Wine Zapper Hard Water Super Softener provides a lifetime of naturally soft water without chemicals or main-tenance. The softened energized water not only provides softer bathing and softer, cleaner clothes, it also eliminates the costly scale that ruins the plumbing, water fixtures and appliances (washer, dishwasher, heater). In addition, heating through scale is very costly. 3/8ths to 1/2 inch of scale costs 48-60% more energy to heat through because the scale has to be heated first. Eliminating the scale saves huge amount of energy and money. Often paying for itself in months, it provides a lifetime of benefits. System comes with softeners for cold and hot lines.

Saving Money on Water & Fuel Costs
Grow More Food • Reduce Pollution

Companies2Wine Zapper Commercial / Industrial Water Softeners save huge amounts of money, time and maintenance by eliminating scale [and scale chemicals] and maintaining scale-free water process equipment such as cooling towers, boilers, chillers, etc. Eliminating the scale and its expensive costs also reduces heating and/or cooling costs by keeping thermal transfer efficiency at 100%. Used in conjunction with the Wine Zapper Commercial Fuel Saving Systems produces major savings and bottom line profits while cutting carbon emissions and reducing chemicals.

pools spa square01 largeWine Zapper Pool and Spa Systems reduce chemicals and maintenance costs by 50% while providing crystal clear water with a soft silky feeling rather than the normal corrosive chlorine or bromine feel; most report the water’s ambiance is a major stand-alone benefit that everyone appreciates immensely.

Onion2The Super Garden Grower and the Crop Energizer Irrigation Systems provide 100%-300% increased crop yields with 40% less water needs and reduced equipment maintenance time and costs. Whether it is the backyard garden or a huge farm, everyone who grows crops needs this technology.

Restaurants and Laundromats can save on conditioning their hard water, the high fuel costs of heating their facility, their cooking and baking fuel, and of course on the high cost of running dryers and boilers.

Wine Zapper Fuel and Water Energizer Systems install in minutes and instantly begin to save the client money, making the salesman a hero.

Around the world, the Monopolar Technology has been helping people and businesses save millions in energy and water conditioning money while reducing air and water pollution and helping grow food.

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Wine Zapper Money-Back Guarantee Limited Lifetime Power Warranty


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