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Note from inventor Peter Kulish: Hi, years ago I was introduced to MIT professor Bruce DePalma. When we met, he offered me a glass of wine and then he poured it through a round object. I asked him what it was and he said it was a magnet which made the wine taste better. My inner voice was instantly doubtful, but wow, after tasting the energized and the normal wine, it had made a huge difference.

That was in 1979 and the energized wine and its ensuing conversation was the epiphany which started my lifetime journey with magnetism. A few years later, I produced the Magnefique FlavOring which was an advanced design of the magnet that Bruce used. As a result, hundreds of thousands of these are being enjoyed worldwide.

The problem with the FlavOring is that it is big and cumbersome to take anywhere. So I designed the smaller, easier to use Wine Zapper which you can slip in your pocket to go to dinner or a party. If you enjoy wine, you will enjoy testing and tasting with your friends. It’s amazing and fun to use.  

Affiliate Program

Since the Wine Zapper is such a great product, we have set up an Affiliate program to help get the word and product out. Once you have tried it, we are sure you will want to share it with friends.

Then if you have a friend who wants one, just send over your Affiliate link and you will get a 20% Commission on their purchase. It doesn’t cost any money to join – just signup below.


Peter Kulish


Just fill in below to sign up. You will need a PayPal account to get paid. Either use your account or get a free account at – it’s fast and easy.

Then start sharing Zapper’s fun and enjoyment.


There are many people and places to email or publish your Zapper Affiliate Link on social media or web sites.  Once you have tried the Zapper, you will realize why people enjoy it so much and why it can be a good business.

Earn Commissions

You will receive 20% commission on every sale from your promotion and 20% on further purchases by that client.

If your client signs up as an Affiliate, you will receive 10% of their commission.

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