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5 Stars

“On three different bottles of cheap wine, all four of us were shocked at how different the three variations were and how the magnet could make cheap wine taste pretty good. We also recently used the magnet on a good bottle of wine, and it was amazingly smooth.”

L.S. Tennessee


5 Stars

“We think in particular that the Smooth side was the most notable effect. We used the Wine Zapper on different very young Argentinian and South African red wines and it definitely seemed to give them a smoother nature. It is a fun bit of kit because it actually seems to work.”

J.B. Canada


Instantly Make a Great Glass of Wine

The Wine Zapper is a delight for anyone who enjoys a great glass of wine. Everyone is amazed at how Zapping adds to the taste.

What’s so interesting is that a young wine instantly ameliorates (ages) into a smooth and silky taste – then flip the Zapper over and make it bold and rich; two completely different tastes and both different than the natural.

Whether you are making a young wine good or making a good wine great, the fun begins with the TASTE TEST. Get together with your friends and do some Zapper taste testing – it’s lots of fun.

Taste how a rough young champagne becomes smooth and great as its bubbles change from big to the small bubbles of a first rate, properly aged champagne. Experience how the acidity of fresh grapefruit juice disappears or how the taste of coffee, tea, or fruit juices change, or how the bubbles and taste changes in soda or beer.

Warning: Zapping in restaurants or bars can lead to extreme fun.

Just slip it in your pocket when you
go out and get ready for fun.


Make Your Great 320 168


Zapper Taste Test – Have Fun

To keep the palate clear to taste the difference, people prefer tasting:

1. The Smooth first
2. Then the Rich 
3. Then the Natural

1. The Smooth first
2. Then the Rich 
3. Then the Natural

Put the Zapper Smooth Side under
the bottle neck and pour the 1st glass.


Smooth Side


Smooth Side


Then turn over to the Rich Side and
pour the 2nd glass


Rich Side


Rich Side 1



Then pour the Natural Wine into the
3rd glass and Have Fun


Pouring Last Glass 1024x890 1


Taste the Difference 320 168

Get yours today and Keep Zapping!

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How it Works

Just the way electricity is made in wires, the Wine Zapper’s specially designed magnetic fields, instantly excites the electrons in the atoms of the wine molecules. The result is the energized electrons immediately change the taste and texture of the wine. One side puts a negative charge and the other side puts a positive charge into the wine or any other liquid such as beer, soda, orange juice, coffee, water, etc. The result is you can really taste the difference. Works with all types of wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot noir, Riesling, Rose, Sauvignon blanc, etc.

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